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A country I’d like to visit: India

The republic of India — a country in south Asia. India is ranked seventh in terms of area, the second largest population. India borders Pakistan to the west, with china, Nepal and Bhutan to the north-east, Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In addition, India has a maritime border with the Maldives in the south-west of Sri Lanka in the south, and Indonesia in the south-east.

The Capital Of India Delhi

India is a multinational state. It is inhabited by great Nations whose representatives differ from each other and external appearance, language, and customs.

The Constitution of India as an official recognized 21 languages. However, linguists distinguish at least 24, each spoken by at least 1 million people, and many dialects. The official language is Hindi, the widely accepted is English. Other official languages: Bengali, Urdu, Oriya, Punjabi, Assami, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Marathi is distributed mainly in the Northern and Central regions; Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada in the southern States. In the former colonies of Goa, Daman and DIU in the course of Portuguese language, in Puthussery French

India — multinational and multicultural state, so there are celebrated the holidays of different religions. In addition to religious, in India, there are three official national holiday: independence Day of India, Republic Day and Gandhi’s birthday. Among the holidays that directly Express the vivid cultural and religious flavor of the Indian Republic, are distinguished (in order of popularity at the national level): the Hindu Diwali, Ganesh-Chaturthi, Holi, Ugadi, Dussehra (Dassera, Durga-Puja), Sankranti (Pongal), as well as the Muslim Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-ATX, Muharram and Ramadan.

India is very very diverse – probably the most diverse of countries that You will find on this planet. In Kashmir is one of the coldest places on earth. A place where sees the largest rainfall – Cherrapunji. One of the most arid places of the Thar Desert. On top of that, it is worth noting that more than half of the Indian border stretches along the shoreline, which has a huge number of beaches. And don’t forget that in Northern India are snow-covered Himalayas.

Located in Agra, the Taj Mahal, is one of the most visited places in the world. It is also known as mausoleum of his beloved wife Shah Jahan – Mumtaz Mahal. This building is one of the new Seven Wonders of the world. Executed in marble, the Taj Mahal, perhaps the most fascinating and beautiful monument of India. The construction of this incredible monument took 22 years (1630-1652).

The capital of India has many attractions like mosques, FORTS and other monuments of architecture, which embodies the history of India. The location for visiting the majestic Red Fort. If you want to get away from the past and to look at modern India, head to New Delhi, which houses many government buildings and embassies.

Mysore is the most frequently visited places among tourists in the state of Karnataka. The largest number of tourists is collected during the ten-day festival of Dasara. One of the most visited monuments in the Indies, the Palace of Mysore is the center of the festivities of Dasara.

India, a country that I want to visit, called the country of a thousand wonders. Indeed, around every corner you will find an amazing discovery! And yet India is a country of contrasts. Here you will find mountains with snow-capped peaks and deserts, where the sun mercilessly scorches. Grand palaces coexist with miserable slums. Noise, noise and chaos in the streets gives way to reverent silence of Hindu temples. But one thing remains the same – it’s a kind of reverence that is in the air and gives peace and rest.

Данная презентация посвящена теме India — Индия. В ней 13 слайдов. Основа презентации – статья англоязычной Википедии про Индию

1. Титульный слайд, заголовок темы.

2. Вступительный текст, в котором рассказывается об особенностях страны в цифрах.

3. Описывается местоположение Индии, показан глобус с изображением страны.

4. Продолжение предыдущего слайда.

5. Историческая справка о появлении страны.

6. В Индии зародилось 4 религии.

7. Индия была колонией Великобритании и получила независимость лишь в 1947 году.

8. Индийская экономика входит в десятку стран по объему ВВП.

9. Одна из самых быстрорастущих экономик мира.

10. Однако Индия сталкивается с такими проблемами, как нищета, коррупция, терроризм и т.д.

11. Индийская армия – одна из самых многочисленных в мире.

12. В стране проживают разные этносы.

13. Заключительный слайд, благодарность аудитории за внимание.

Презентация о культуре Индии.

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