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Учебник содержит актуальные темы, отражающие наиболее существенные проблемы современности, обеспечивая знакомство с современной экономической теорией и тщательную работу над грамматической и лексической стороной речи с учетом особенностей американского английского. Разделы Business Skills Focus стимулируют развитие всех видов речевой деятельности. Курс может быть использован для подготовки к сдаче BEC или LCCI. В книге для учителя содержатся комментарии для преподавателя, разъясняющие наиболее сложные понятия экономической теории.

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Student’s Book — Учебник
Workbook — Книга студента
Teacher’s Book with Answers and Typescripts — Книга для учителя с ответами
Student’s Book Audio CD — Аудио диски для прослушивания в классе
Workbook Audio CD — Аудио диски для самостоятельного прослушивания.

— Your students will be motivated by real business reading and listening material from a range of authentic business sources as well as the thorough business skills sections
— You can be sure of systematic progress with the solid language and vocabulary sections, including American English business vocabulary
Make your lessons more vivid and challenging with the Teachers’ Book which includes teaching notes, photocopiable business skills, writing models and tests
— Easily focus on BEC Vantage or TOEIC with two different workbooks, each one covering a particular exam.

With challenging reading and listening texts from a range of authentic business sources, New Insights into Business will really engage students.
The thorough language and vocabulary syllabus together with the strong focus on business skills development gives students everything they need to function effectively in the workplace.

Внимание! Ознакомьтесь, пожалуйста, с инструкцией и правилами

Graham Tullis Tonya Trappe

2 Complete the sentences using verbs and prepositions from exercise 1 in the correct form.

In the purchasing department there is a manager, and five employees who

In this company, we firmly

the value of creativity and

c The development of computer technology has enormous changes in the way that people work.

d Whether or not we succeed in creating and selling new products.

a number of factors. e Most of our staff

sports or leisure clubs.

f The Personnel Manager thinks that we would all further training in how to use the office software.

3 Write three more sentences, using the verb and preposition combinations above.

4 What other verb and preposition combinations do you know?

Present perfect and past simple

Look at these sentences from the text on page 6.

A In the 1920s, Philips decided to protect its innovations.

B Since then, Philips has continued to develop new and exciting product ideas.

1 What tense is the verb in bold in A and B?

2 Which tense has a connection with the present?

3 Which tense only tells us about the past?

•• For more information on the present perfect and past simple, turn to page 164.

Complete the company profile with either the present perfect or past simple tense of the verbs in brackets. Pay special attention to irregular verbs and the position of adverbs.

William Colgate 1 fourvted (found) the Colgate Company in 1806 as a starch, soap and candle business in New York City. For the first hundred years, the company 2 (do)

all its business in the United States. However, in the early 1900s, the company 3

(begin) an aggressive expansion programme that 4 : (lead) to the establishment of

Colgate operations in countries throughout Europe, Latin America and the Far East. In

more recent years it (set up) operations in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe and China. Colgate-Palmolive 6 (become) a truly global consumer

products company, worth $8.7 bn and selling in more than 200 countries.

Colgate-Palmolive’s five main sectors of business are: Oral Care, Body Care, Household Surface Care, Fabric Care and Pet Nutrition and Health Care. In the area of Oral Care, ColgatePalmolive is the world leader in toothpaste. As a result of the company’s heavy investment in research and technology, it 7

(develop) many successful toothpastes, rinses and toothbrushes. To strengthen its presence in professional products, Colgate-Palmolive

(buy) the Ora Pharm Company of Australia and the dental therapeutics business of Scherer Laboratories USA in 1990. For many years, the company 9 (have) a strong dental

education programme in schools throughout the world and 10 (maintain) a close

partnership with the international dental community.

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